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The 5-Step Process for Effective Test Data Management

Posted by Datasource Consulting on Jul 12, 2021 2:36:43 PM

Leverage the Full Value of Your Data with the Proper Approach

By: Datasource Consulting

What is Test Data Management anyway? TDM is a set of processes, technologies, and people used to automate the provisioning of non-production data sets to leverage in performing system and application testing in non-production environments.


The 5-Step Process

test_data_Mangement_blogThe five focus areas to ensure proper management of test data to create consistent testing environments across the organization:

  1. Discover the Test Data Properly - Identify the test data and how it maps to the requirements depending on the test cases. Data may be available across many systems and in various formats. Include information regarding end-to-end business cases and processes that the data is tied to for testing.

  2. Identify the Product Data – Determine which data is most realistic to the production use – this ensures accurate end-to-end business case results.

  3. Sensitive Data Strategy – Information security is key. Perform data masking with a focus on both compliance regulations and retaining the previously-established realistic look and feel of the data. 
  1. Generate the Test Data – Data in the non-production environment can now be generated based on the data masking rules applied. During this process, the data can be subset to include only the amount of data needed to perform successful testing.
  1.  Keep the Data Fresh - During testing, data may diverge from the baseline due to the processing of tests through execution. Refreshing the data for testing on a planned cycle will help improve the overall efficiencies and consistency of the execution results.


    If you would like to talk about the next steps for implementing a test data management plan, email us, we’d love to chat!


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