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Meet the Datasource Offshore Team: Rahul Mukherjee

Posted by Datasource on Feb 19, 2020 9:29:51 AM

This is the next interview in a new series in which we ask our unique and diverse Datasource Consulting staff to share a bit about themselves, both professionally and personally. We're amazed and inspired at their talents, hobbies, and aspirations, and we hope you are, too! 


Name: Rahul Mukherjee
Title: Senior Business Analyst
Years with Datasource: 1 year 10 months
Total Years Industry Experience: 6
Current Home City: London, UK


Tell us about your experience with Datasource Consulting (DSC), including types of projects and positions held: 

I started with DSC as a Senior Business Analyst and the first project I worked was a migration project from between two Cloud databases. Having worked only on legacy databases before this, it was quite challenging for me. After that the challenges continued. Next was a very extensive development of a data warehouse for a retail client where not only did I have to improve my skills to work new tools and databases, I also had to navigate the data quality aspect in the transactional system.

After working on couple of more projects, I was considered to work for an insurance client onsite. I did not hesitate for a moment to say yes, but as they say, ‘great opportunities come with great challenges’. It was not a typical onshore/offshore model, and everything from requirement gathering to development to successful delivery was up to a couple of us. Luckily, we got to work with some very brilliant people with a special mention to our solution architect who made life easy.

I continue working for clients for UK but with a lot more confidence and skill set than I first came here.

Describe life at Datasource with three unique words.

Engaging, Fun, Challenging

Tell us what you like most about working at Datasource.

It’s not restricted to one particular technology for employees. When I joined this organization, I had one key technology skill. But in a span of year and a half, I have learned several other technologies, including Cloud databases and ETL tools.

Another great thing is that the higher management here is very approachable.

What challenges you the most and what motivates you the most at Datasource?

The need for continuous up-skilling to work on the latest projects here.

What is on your bucket list?

See Messi play for Barcelona at their home ground, and watch the Northern Lights. Since I am in Europe now, I plan to do both soon enough.

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Travelling, reading books, visiting breweries

What is your hidden talent?

I can cook really well.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

Staying in one of the best cities ever (London), playing football for my school team.  

What phobias do you have?

Heights and hence I hate amusement parks, because every ride tends to drop you from above.

Tell us why you fell in love with data:

My first encounter with data was purely coincidental; I was put into a data warehousing project in a new company after leaving a couple of networking and testing jobs.

The best thing though, was that I never felt like shifting my career path anytime after I started working with data. The first few years were quite frustrating when I had no clue where to start, but once I started to get the hang of it, data analytics was no less than winning a game of chess.

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Written by Datasource