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The 5-Step Process for Effective Test Data Management

Jul 12, 2021 2:36:43 PM   Datasource Consulting

Topics: Blog, Test Data Management

Leverage the Full Value of Your Data with the Proper Approach

By: Datasource Consulting

What is Test Data Management anyway? TDM is a set of processes, technologies, and people used to automate the provisioning of non-production data sets to leverage in performing system and application testing in non-production environments.

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The Top Master Data Management and Data Governance Consultancies

Mar 2, 2020 3:18:17 PM   Datasource

Topics: Data Governance, Program Management, Blog, Master Data Management

A growing number of organizations are implementing master data management and data governance initiatives, but many lack the expertise to best set themselves up for success. That is fueling the growing market for MDM and data governance consultancies.

To help organizations in making the selection of an MDM partner, the MDM Institute compiled its list of the top MDM and data governance consultancies. Separate lists were prepared for the top consultancies in North America, in Europe, in Asia, and globally.

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Webinar Q&A: SSAS for Tabular Cubes

Jan 22, 2018 11:38:10 AM   Greg Meehan

Topics: Tool Selection, Business Intelligence, Blog

View the Q&A discussion from our SSAS for Tabular Cubes webinar. The audience asked insightful questions, focusing on this Microsoft's modeling offering for Self-Service and Gold Standard reporting, and how this technology compares to others. 


If you would like to view the entire webinar, continue to the research center under webinars.



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8 Steps to Successful Data Virtualization

Aug 25, 2017 10:01:00 AM   David Crolene

Topics: Data Governance, Data Virtualization, Blog, Master Data Management, Enterprise Data

By:  David Crolene, Vice President, Delivery

The verdict is in and Data Virtualization (DV) is here to stay.  This is driven by many factors such as the maturation of vendor technologies (e.g., heterogeneous join optimization, row level security, and high availability), increases in computing power, and a decrease in time end users are willing to wait for access to data. 

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Data Warehouse Appliances

Jun 13, 2017 11:40:07 AM   Jerry Locke & Steve Dine

Topics: Business Intelligence, Blog, Cloud, Server Administration

Data Warehouse Appliances: Lessons from the Trenches

By Jerry Locke & Steve Dine

Over the past few years data warehouse (DW) appliances have become a viable option for business intelligence (BI) programs looking to load and process large data volumes as well as reducing query execution times. However, like most architectural decisions, there are many factors to consider when choosing to implement a DW appliance that aren’t usually highlighted during the sales presentation. This article will present some observations and lessons learned from a recent project in which we implemented a DW appliance for both the data warehouse and the data mart layers of the client architecture.

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Tableau for the Enterprise?

Jun 9, 2017 11:21:42 AM   Datasource

Topics: Tableau, Blog, Enterprise Data

Steps for Using Tabeau

Tableau is a robust visualization tool capable of serving many roles in modern organizations. From data discovery to ad-hoc analysis to enterprise reporting, Tableau provides the functionality to give business users quick and useful access to their data. Report scheduling and Data Governance capabilities enhance this access and the quality of reporting. Many businesses now seek to utilize Tableau as an enterprise reporting tool, but they must take the necessary steps to be successful and ensure Tableau is the correct software choice for their needs.

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Enhancing Your Enterprise Reporting Arsenal with MDX

May 10, 2017 10:44:45 AM   Datasource

Topics: Blog, Enterprise Data


By: Matt Caton, Senior BI Analyst, Datasource Consulting, LLC and Steve Dine, President, Datasource Consulting, LLC


In the trenches, we constantly look for techniques to provide more efficient and effective reporting and analysis. For those that utilize cubes, multidimensional databases, or dimensionally-modeled relational (DMR) models, multi-dimensional expressions (MDX) can be leveraged for both solving complex report requirements and providing deeper insights to report consumers. 

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"One Source of Truth": Common BI Terms Defined

Apr 11, 2017 10:22:07 AM   Datasource

Topics: Business Intelligence, Blog

By: Steven Dine, President of Datasource Consulting, LLC


I am always dismayed when reading articles and analyst reports that include a statistic of the percentage of Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives that fail or do not meet customer expectations. Most of those articles and reports go on to describe the now well-known reasons for why these types of initiatives fail, including lack of high-level sponsorship, poor data quality, low level of functional participation, unacceptable query response times, etc. What I never see mentioned, but often see in practice, is the incompatibility between the requirements and the implemented architecture in consultant-led initiatives.  How does this happen when nearly every consulting organization has a BI implementation methodology and experienced resources in implementing BI programs? While there are many causes, one often overlooked reason is the inconsistency in how BI consulting companies define the basic BI concepts. Many times the definitions depend on which consultant at the company you ask. I have yet to find these definitions posted on even the largest BI consultancy websites. 

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Data Governance Challenges: Executing

Feb 24, 2017 2:30:43 PM   Datasource

Topics: Data Governance, Blog

Data Governance Implementation

By: Datasource

So far in this series on Data Governance, we’ve covered four critical elements including:

Data Governance Challenges: Understanding the Problem

Data Governance Challenges: Strategy

Data Governance Challenges: Organizing

Data Governance Challenges: Communicating

If you’ve missed any of these articles, feel free to follow the links above.

In this article, the final article in the series, we’ll cover your Data Governance Execution and Implementation plan. This is where the rubber truly hits the road. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the fifth section on Data Governance – Data Governance Execution and Implementation Plan.

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Data Governance Challenges: Communicating

Feb 24, 2017 2:30:23 PM   Datasource

Topics: Data Governance, Blog

Data Governance Communicating & Marketing

By: Datasource

A Data Governance Program is a long term project that will completely alter the way data is processed at your company.  Building momentum, gaining a following and showing successes will be critical for your long term success.  Therefore, it’s a good practice to work with the marketing team to develop a marketing plan for your Data Governance Program.

Listed below are four separate tips for communicating your Data Governance Program to the masses.

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