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You Don’t Have to be a Rocket Scientist to be a Data Scientist

Sep 8, 2016 10:20:55 AM   Tony Capobianco

Topics: Business Intelligence, Blog

 This is part two in a two-part series, focusing on creating actionable KPIs and goals for compelling dashboards. If you’re interested in reading the first part of the series, check out “Report Burnout? 3 Steps to Actionable Dashboards People Can’t Wait to Open.”

Now that you have added KPIs and actionable goals to your business intelligence portfolio, the next step is to start adding Data Science and provide individuals with Predictive, Descriptive, and Prescriptive reporting.

As we know, the goal of a data warehouse and business intelligence is to get actionable and insightful reporting into the hands of those that can effect positive change in your business. For some organizations, true analytics competency has moved from reporting on how many (“X, Y and Z’s” over a certain period of time) to actually predicting, describing and prescribing specific solutions to a challenge or objective.

Now don’t let the words Data Science scare you. Not all science has to be hard! And, data science is as much ART as it is science. In fact, maybe we should just call those who do this important work data artists!

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