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Data Governance Framework

Posted by Datasource on Jan 31, 2017 3:28:00 PM

Five Components of a Solid Data Governance Program

By: Datasource

Data Governance is a key component to any company that wants to leverage the full value of their data.  A solid Data Governance framework helps ensure quality, reduces risk, and establishes and reiterates best practices.

At Datasource Consulting, we look at Data Governance Programs as an evolution. We believe there are five critical elements to develop a solid framework for a Data Governance Program.



Data Governance Framework:

  1. Understanding the Problem
  2. Strategizing & Planning
  3. Organizing
  4. Communicating
  5. Executing


This article will cover these five areas at a high level.  For more details about each of the areas, feel free to contact us and schedule a personal consultation and review of your Data Governance Program.


The Journey Through Your Data Governance Framework:


Phase 1: Understanding the Problem

Before beginning a vacation or a journey, it is important to understand the goal of the trip.  For some, that may be relaxation while others may be seeking the thrill of an adventure.  Those of you on the Data Governance journey may be more focused on solving issues with quality, trust, integration, or how to categorize information for maximum efficiency.  Regardless of your objective, it is important to talk to executives and managers across the organization and understanding what pain points they’d like to solve.  This will become part of our Data Governance framework, so take notes.  Also, be aware that there are many different ways executives express their frustration, so keep your ears open and clarify what you’re hearing.

Phase 2: Strategizing & Planning:

With destination in hand (e.g. Paris, France), the next step in our journey is planning.  Large, multi-destination trips, present almost limitless opportunities to the traveler; therefore, many novice (and experienced) travelers will enlist the help of a professional travel agent.  The travel agent serves as a valuable resource and will present would-be travelers with many different options, coordinate and confirm all of the details about the upcoming trip for the traveler.  In a similar fashion, a Data Governance framework presents a wealth of options for organizations.  Datasource Consulting is a Data Governance Travel Agent for many enterprises.  During the Strategizing & Planning phase, we outline both strategic and tactical approaches focused on achieving the long-term goals.  We love data and would be happy to help manage the entire Data Governance framework for you.

Phase 3: Organizing

Passports? Check!  Itinerary? Check!  Kevin? Where’s Kevin? Yes, a little Home Alone reference from back in the day.  However, this isn’t all that far off from reality.  Up to this point, we’ve listened and we understand the challenges that face our organization.  We’ve also planned and strategized.  Now, we need to organize and involve everyone that will be participating in the program.  The executive level and program sponsors will be our steering committee and are typically the best people to involve first.  We also need to create the Data Governance Council and include the people performing the hard, day to day work of Data Governance.  If any of these people are left out, the chances of us having a relaxing vacation in Paris….well, we’ll end up in the back of a moving truck with a Polka band. 

Phase 4: Communicating

“Are we there yet?”  Many people get excited with the thought of taking a trip.  However, without frequent communication, time seems to slow down, especially for our children.  For the same reason, communication in your Data Governance Program is critical.  Not only is it important to involve executives and people who are allocating and committing resources to the Data Governance framework; it can be equally, if not more critical, to keep them informed of the progress and the victories.  Data Governance Programs extend over a period of time and program fatigue can be common.  Good communication leads to continued buy-in from the program sponsors.  The best way to alleviate program fatigue is to communicate by developing marketing materials, program updates, elevator pitches and the like.  For more tips on communicating the mission and goals of your Data Governance framework, please watch the Data Governance Webinar video.

Phase 5: Executing

We’ve finally arrived!  This is where you actually deliver on the promises you are making through this program.  The fun begins and we see the fruits of our labor. Take some time and ride the rides, enjoy those long walks on the beach and jump on the bed - everything a good vacation is meant to be - even losing the luggage. Ok, we know there will be obstacles during execution.  The pros at Datasource Consulting have been through the process many times before and we know what obstacles may arise and how to overcome them. Allow us to help you with your Data Governance framework.

This article, the first in the series, laid out the big picture of each step for your Data Governance Framework in a rather humorous way.  The following articles will continue to dive deeper into each element of the Data Governance framework and provide powerful tips and tricks. The second article in the series, Data Governance Challenges: Understanding the Problem, dives deep into uncovering the motivation and business value for your Data Governance Framework.

If you’d like more details about any of the five components of a solid Data Governance framework, feel free to email us by using the form on the Contact Us page. Of, if you’d like a personalized review of your current Data Governance framework please call us at 888-435-2624.

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