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Q&A: Operational MDM Webinar

Posted by Solomon Williams on Aug 7, 2017 9:06:59 AM

Q: How instrumental was the ability to get the organization to a point where business processes became repeatable, and led to a more efficient data governance model where naming standards and taxonomy conversations made progress?

A: This is a key point. It is important to ensure the business processes you’re targeting are the ones which will be affected by the scope of project. In many cases, the activities of the data governance body (decisions on data meanings/usage) will drive changes to business processes, and these changes (required for the benefit of the organization and success of the project) will be easier to implement as the value will be easier to demonstrate.


Q: Was MDM in place before the decision was made to move to the cloud, or did the cloud decision drive the MDM program?

A: The decision to go to cloud was made prior to the initiation of the MDM program, but it was not the driver. The MDM program was driven by the need to ensure we could share critical business data across the organization in a standardized way, and ensure the quality of the shared data.


Q: What’s your thought on the risk of having 'protected' data on cloud? 

A:  Cloud adoption will continue to grow, as it is a critical component to enabling innovation and competitive ability. When migrating to the cloud, data protection is a crucial to the solution. It is important to ensure that your information security and compliance teams are involved during the ideation phase to understand their respective requirements - by involving these teams and meeting their requirements, protected data in the cloud will become more common.


Q: Did you build and maintain a single data taxonomy or multiple?

A: There were multiple taxonomies created to effectively model the business.


Q: What is the ballpark number of CDEs (critical data elements) the DG program identified?

A: 350 - 400 critical data elements have been identified by the DG program.


Q: What tools are used to manage various MDM programs?

A: We use multiple tools: program management/task tracking tools, requirements management tools, testing tools, etc.


Topics: Master Data Management

Written by Solomon Williams