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Data Warehouse Appliances

Jun 13, 2017 11:40:07 AM   Jerry Locke & Steve Dine

Topics: Business Intelligence, Blog, Cloud, Server Administration

Data Warehouse Appliances: Lessons from the Trenches

By Jerry Locke & Steve Dine

Over the past few years data warehouse (DW) appliances have become a viable option for business intelligence (BI) programs looking to load and process large data volumes as well as reducing query execution times. However, like most architectural decisions, there are many factors to consider when choosing to implement a DW appliance that aren’t usually highlighted during the sales presentation. This article will present some observations and lessons learned from a recent project in which we implemented a DW appliance for both the data warehouse and the data mart layers of the client architecture.

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BI in the Cloud: Server Administration Primer

Jan 26, 2017 11:28:55 AM   Nancy Abramson & Steve Dine

Topics: Blog, Cloud

How Is Server Administration Different in the Cloud?

By: Nancy Abramson & Steve Dine

Many of the challenges of maintaining a Cloud instance are the same as with a traditional server.  This article will provide the details of the differences between traditional server administration and maintaining a Cloud environment. Included are tools and tips in order to deliver the strength of the Cloud using agile and scalable approaches. By better understanding the intricacies of the Cloud, you will be better positioned to leverage the strength of the cloud and avoid trouble spots. 

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Amazon Redshift Tips & Tricks

Dec 20, 2016 10:20:00 AM   Chun Wu

Topics: Amazon Redshift, Data Warehousing, Blog, Cloud

Amazon Redshift Tips & Tricks:  Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Using Amazon Redshift

By: Chun Wu

Last month’s webinar, Working with Redshift: Amazon’s Affordable MPP Analytic Database in the Cloud, was well received and sparked a lot of interest from viewers.  Based on the feedback, interaction and questions received, Chun Wu was happy to create a more in depth level of Tips & Tricks for our Analytic Minute readers.

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Business Intelligence Industry Review and Trends for 2014

Dec 20, 2016 10:17:24 AM   Steve Dine & David Crolene

Topics: Data Security, Agile, Big Data, Data Quality, Data Integration, Program Management, Blog, Cloud, Master Data Management

Business Intelligence Industry: 10 Considerations for 2014

By:  Steve Dine and David Crolene

Each year, we reflect upon the business intelligence industry and enterprise information management (EIM) industry and provide a review of the noteworthy trends that we encounter in the field.  Our review emanates from five sources: our customers, industry conferences, articles, social media, and software vendors. This year has proved to be an interesting one on many fronts.  Here is our business intelligence  industry review and observations for 2013 and predicted trends for the remainder of 2014.

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BI in the Cloud. Is it a Viable Option?

Dec 20, 2016 10:14:22 AM   Datasource Consulting

Topics: Tool Selection, Business Intelligence, Blog, Cloud

BI in the Cloud: A Viable Option in the Future?

A few weeks ago I presented a full day course on BI in the cloud at the TDWI conference in Orlando. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of attendees and the overall interest in BI in the cloud from both vendors and BI practitioners.  Having spent the better part of the past year working in the Amazon cloud, I took for granted the general confusion that still exists over how the cloud is defined and how it relates to BI. I believe that this is due in large part to the fact that the cloud is still taking shape, especially when it comes to BI.  As an industry, we look at the expectation of large data volumes, a seemingly endless desire for faster response times and concerns over data security and wonder how BI infrastructures could possibly exist in the cloud.  Given the fact that we are at the early adopter phase of the consumer lifecycle, these concerns are expected.  However, these concerns may not be reality for as many BI programs as some might think.

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A Business Intelligence Solution: What is "Successful" BI?

Dec 20, 2016 10:12:17 AM   Datasource Consulting

Topics: Tool Selection, Business Intelligence, Cognos, Blog, Cloud

Business Intelligence Solution: Success or Failure?


How many times have you heard a statistic such as "42 percent of respondents rate a business intelligence solution as moderately successful" or "more than 50 percent of all business intelligence solutions fail"?  When I read these types of statistics I often wonder what's behind these numbers.  I'd love to be able to drill down directly to the respondents and ask them how they defined success or failure when answering the question.  I recently met with a company that asked if I could come in and help make their business intelligence solution more successful.  Naturally, my first question was to ask them how they define success.  Each person in the room defined success a bit differently and meeting turned into a healthy discussion on what constitutes a successful business intelligence solution.


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Cloud BI: Something to get Excited About?

Dec 20, 2016 10:11:56 AM   Steve Dine

Topics: Tool Selection, Business Intelligence, Cognos, Blog, Cloud

Cloud BI: Five Areas That Can Be Leveraged

In a few weeks I will be presenting 'BI in the Cloud' for Executive Summit at the TDWI Conference in Las Vegas.  Based on my research during the creation of my presentation, I may be one of only a handful of BI practitioners that are excited about the prospects of leveraging the Cloud for Business Intelligence programs (Cloud BI).  I am not sure whether this is because there are still formidable challenges with leveraging Cloud BI or because I spoke to the wrong people.


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Up in the Cloud? Getting Social with Hybrid Integration

Aug 23, 2016 9:21:52 AM   Tony Capobianco

Topics: Data Integration, Blog, Cloud

You have a data warehouse up and running, and your analysts are building reports and dashboards, containing actionable data about your business and customers. But are you missing a large piece of the puzzle?

We all know that listening to what customers are saying on social media is a critical component to a company’s marketing plan, not to mention its overall business strategy. This level of customer engagement goes beyond monitoring customer loyalty programs, surveys, and tracking customer lifetime value metrics. Leading organizations need the ability to leverage social media analytics to raise brand awareness and enhance customer service.

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