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Meet Erin Shockey, Data Integration Consultant. And violinist. And scuba diver.

Oct 26, 2017 10:45:09 AM   Datasource

Topics: Data Integration

This is the next interview in a new series in which we ask our unique and diverse Datasource Consulting staff to share a bit about themselves, both professionally and personally. We're amazed and inspired at their talents, hobbies, and aspirations, and we hope you are, too! 

NameErin Shockey 

Title: Data Integration Consultant
Years with Datasource: 1 Total Years Industry Experience: 13 years
Current Home City: Denver, CO  
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Business Intelligence Industry Review and Trends for 2014

Dec 20, 2016 10:17:24 AM   Steve Dine & David Crolene

Topics: Data Security, Agile, Big Data, Data Quality, Data Integration, Program Management, Blog, Cloud, Master Data Management

Business Intelligence Industry: 10 Considerations for 2014

By:  Steve Dine and David Crolene

Each year, we reflect upon the business intelligence industry and enterprise information management (EIM) industry and provide a review of the noteworthy trends that we encounter in the field.  Our review emanates from five sources: our customers, industry conferences, articles, social media, and software vendors. This year has proved to be an interesting one on many fronts.  Here is our business intelligence  industry review and observations for 2013 and predicted trends for the remainder of 2014.

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How to Integrate Business Data with Business/IT Partnerships

Nov 21, 2016 9:43:35 AM   Nancy Couture

Topics: Data Governance, Data Integration, Program Management, Blog

Continuing with the theme of business / IT partnerships, another example I’ve been involved in is integrating business data into an IT managed environment – in this case, an enterprise data warehouse. 

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How Business - IT Partnerships Develop Operational Analytics

Nov 21, 2016 9:39:56 AM   Nancy Couture

Topics: Data Quality, Data Integration, Program Management, Blog

A great example of business and IT working together to innovate is in the development of operational analytics. As data volumes and frequency of data continue to increase, organizations have realized that it’s not enough to analyze their data – they must take action on it. 

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Up in the Cloud? Getting Social with Hybrid Integration

Aug 23, 2016 9:21:52 AM   Tony Capobianco

Topics: Data Integration, Blog, Cloud

You have a data warehouse up and running, and your analysts are building reports and dashboards, containing actionable data about your business and customers. But are you missing a large piece of the puzzle?

We all know that listening to what customers are saying on social media is a critical component to a company’s marketing plan, not to mention its overall business strategy. This level of customer engagement goes beyond monitoring customer loyalty programs, surveys, and tracking customer lifetime value metrics. Leading organizations need the ability to leverage social media analytics to raise brand awareness and enhance customer service.

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The Challenge with Agile BI, Part 2: Model-Driven Agile

May 25, 2016 8:09:00 AM   Datasource

Topics: Agile, Data Integration, Blog

In the previous article, The Challenge with Agile, Part 1, the point was made that many Agile initiatives perceive data modeling and architecture compliance as time-consuming activities incompatible with agile development. The jeopardy of disregarding modeling/architecture is a portfolio of dis-integrated point solutions that proliferates redundant, semantically inconsistent data. Moreover, such projects are burdened with redundant data extraction and transformation.

Modeling and architecture discipline actually accelerates agile development as will be illustrated in this Part 2, Model-Driven Agile.

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Using PowerCenter Command-line Tasks: Manipulating Workflows

Apr 25, 2016 1:52:39 PM   Jerry Perez

Topics: Data Integration, Blog, Informatica PowerCenter

PowerCenter Workflows

Command-line tasks are great components that can facilitate reusability, standardization and scalability of processes tied to PowerCenter workflows. Building a library of reusable command tasks to be used throughout a Subject Area can be beneficial for such tasks as managing dependencies, tracking objects or interface/integrate with processes or tools external to PowerCenter.

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