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Successful Business Intelligence First Requires Defining “Success”

Dec 20, 2016 10:19:31 AM   Steve Dine

Topics: Business Intelligence, Program Management, Blog, ROI

Business Intelligence: Perception and Reality

By: Steve Dine

How many times have you heard a statistic such as "42% of respondents rate their Business Intelligence (BI) program as moderately successful" or "more than 50% of all Business Intelligence projects fail"? When I read these types of statistics I often wonder what's behind these numbers. I'd love to be able to drill down directly to the respondents and ask them how they defined success or failure when answering the question. I recently met with a company that asked if I could come in and help make their Business Intelligence program more successful. Naturally, my first question was to ask them how they define success. Each person in the room defined success a bit differently and meeting turned into a healthy discussion on what constitutes a successful Business Intelligence program.

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